Boozy Grilled Peaches, Teppan-style!

The summer season is in full swing! Looking for inspiration on what to cook, and with so much delicious fresh fruit on hand we just couldn’t resist taking some peaches to the Cook-N-Dine Teppanyaki table. Time to get grilling!Photo Jun 17, 3 11 50 PM

Gather your ingredients and get ready to grill up some fruit! We added some cherries and blueberries to our peaches, using butter, brown sugar, pecans and rum for cooking and seasoning. (Recipe to follow at end)

Pre-heat your Cook-N-Dine Teppanyaki at level 5, then turn up to 7-8 to start cooking. Melt a pat or two of butter at the center, spreading with the spatula to coat your heated area evenly. Generously sprinkle each peach halve with dark brown sugar and grounded pecans before placing them face down on to the cooking area coated with butter. You can also prep the peach halves with the sugar-pecans ahead of time, to avoid the butter from browning too much.Photo Jun 17, 3 34 53 PM

If needed, you can add another pat or two of butter to keep the peaches from burning. It also adds a nice bit more of flavor. After about 4 minutes from putting the first peach down, start to turn them over. This is enough time for them to start browning without getting mushy.Photo Jun 17, 3 38 36 PM

Once all the peaches are turned over, you want to make room at the center to cook up the pecan halves. We recommend turning the temperature off at this point. Add a couple more pats of butter and your pecan halves, turning the pecans around in the melting butter so they’re properly coated. Then add a couple of spoons of brown sugar to the pecans, again tossing them so they get a nice coating for caramelizing. Photo Jun 17, 3 40 20 PMYou’ll then place the pecan halves on your peaches. Here we also added some cherries and blueberries to the top; optional and absolutely delicious. A little drizzle of our favorite rum and voila, these beauties were done! You can also add a touch of balsamic vinegar if you would like. Photo Jun 17, 3 45 28 PM

This is one of those dishes that looks beautiful, smells delectable and tastes divine! You can change up the fruits, prepare the pecans first to get a more candied quality to them or even cook up some bacon first and use the fat to prepare the rest. There are tons of options, sure to satisfy any craving you and your guests may have.

Ingredients used

  • peaches
  • dark brown sugar
  • grounded pecans
  • butter
  • pecan halves
  • blueberries
  • cherries
  • dark rum
  • balsamic vinegar

Printable recipe

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